Thanks to everyone who came out to our record-release show at Chop Suey recently. We felt so supported and energized by the great audience. Hooray for all-ages shows! And thanks to The Pale Pacific and Racetrack for treating us all to fantastic sets (and for being super nice people too). Also many thanks to all of you who have gone out and bought our new EP. We’re very flattered that it’s selling so well, and we have you to thank for it!

We had great fun doing a live, in-studio session with John Richards at KEXP recently. If you missed it, you can listen in the streaming archive. That will be our last live appearance for a while as we’ve decided to retreat to the basement to get ready for our next record. Also, we’ve finalized plans to join the Lucksmiths in LA and San Francisco in addition to the Seattle show! So anyone in those parts who can make it, please do come say hello. See you all soon…

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